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MoneySavingExpert founder and financial guru Martin Lewis says the FCA’s advice featuring the animatronic head of Hollywood action start and Californian Senator Arnold Schwarzenegger is misleading.

Asking consumers to type “FCA PPI” does not guarantee a direct link to the FCA’s PPI page at “” Lewis said that it leads inquiries towards the initial results, which are paid advertisements by either legitimate or unscrupulous claims management companies.

The consumer adviser says that the FCA’s PPI page does come up on top. However, paid advertisements sit above search engine organic searches, which makes them a visual priority and likely to receive consumer clicks before the FCA’s official page.

Their experiment revealed that the FCA’s page appears as the 4th search result from Google’s initial returns after using “FCA PPI” as their search keyword.

Lewis said the FCA is “trying hard,” but it has to correct its call-to-action to avoid confusion and misleading links for consumers. He adds that the advertisements target individuals who are not tech-savvy and vulnerable to advertising technicalities exploited by certain unscrupulous companies.

The deadline for payment protection insurance claims is on August 29, 2019. If you haven’t made a complaint yet, you can get a free consultation with PPIclaimsadviceline.

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