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Payment Protection Insurance

Over 34 million people have purchased payment protection over the last 12 years. This insurance was designed to help people who lost their jobs or became sick. However, many banks sold PPI policies to people who didn’t want it. You may want to find out if you were mis-sold payment protection insurance. If you have been mis-sold a PPI policy then you should consider filing a claim. You deserve to get your money back if you have been paying for insurance that you didn’t want or need.

Payment Protection Insurance Scandal

Banks claimed that people could use payment protection insurance if they had trouble making loan payments. However, many people who purchased a PPI policy with their loan were denied coverage when they needed it. Many of these people were very angry, because they were previously told their PPI would cover them. The terms of their PPI policies often clearly stated that they deserved compensation.

Other people were sold PPI policies without their knowledge. They often didn’t even realize that they had purchased payment protection insurance until years later. It took many years before the PPI scandal was revealed to the public. One customer won a PPI claim in 1994, but they were forced to sign a confidentiality agreement that prohibited from discussing the case. It took another ten years before most people learned about the PPI crisis. Several whistleblowers have since testified that they were told to use very aggressive strategies to promote this insurance.

Millions of people have filed claims against the banks that illegally sold them payment protection insurance. Anybody who has purchased a policy that they didn’t need is encouraged to file a claim. To start your PPI claim or to talk to an adviser about reclaiming your PPI premiums, call us now for free on , or fill out the short form above and we’ll call you back.

How Can the PPI Claims Adviceline Help?

Many customers are nervous about filing a PPI claim. They feel more comfortable hiring a professional claims management company instead of filing a claim on their own. The PPI Claims Adviceline is dedicated to helping people reclaim their money. The average PPI claim is worth over £2,700, but some people are entitled to much more.

At the PPI Claims Adviceline, we believe that everyone who has been mis-sold payment protection insurance deserves a refund. We have a team of experienced claims handlers ready to help. Our professionals have helped out clients reclaim millions in compensation. We also believe that you shouldn’t pay us a single pound until we help you get a refund. That is why we work on a no-win no-fee basis. This sets us apart from most of the other financial claims firms that change an upfront fee.

Please feel free to contact us if you think that we can help. To start your PPI claim or to talk to an adviser about reclaiming your PPI premiums, call us now for free on , or fill out the short form above and we’ll call you back.


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