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No one can deny the advertisement creative group M&C Saatchi did for PPI was the most hilarious ever. It just showed random people looking at two items and becoming indecisive as all shoppers are, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head just pops out on a tank track urging consumers to make a choice in an odd, creepy, and sordid way that is hilarious.

M&C Saatchi explains to the public as it had explained to the Financial Conduct Authority during its presentation of the ad’s idea. They saw Arnold as a “doer, not a talker” and is “likeable enough” to get away with a blunt script.

Arnold is undeniably a recognizable 80s icon because of his Terminator films. Upon watching the advertisement online or on television, one cannot help but either find the advertisement hilarious or just confusing with questions nearing “what did we just see?”

M&C Saatchi said the advertisement just wants to make a quick impact and drive home its message to urge consumers to make a claim for mis-sold PPI. It does this excellently, with the hilarious moment a great turnout for the objective.

The ad agency said it will evolve Arnold’s character in later commercials, and it is likely as hilarious and weird as the latest ones.

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