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Most consumers groups and even government offices do not recommend using claims management companies or managers because PPI claims is something the ordinary man could do quickly and easily. The problem is, not everyone has the luxury of time to make his or her claims. PPI claims is not as quick as submitting an email; it entails setting up appointments, filling up pages of forms and submitting them to correct institutions to guarantee you could receive your PPI refunds on the dot.

Some PPI claims companies could be unscrupulous by charging clients an upfront fee prior to rendering services. A proper PPI claims company works on a contingency fee basis or no win no fee. The CMC will not be paid their dues until the claim is satisfied in full as indicated by the contract between client and manager.

Most reputable PPI claims companies work with banks in reducing the number of complaints they receive on a daily basis. This allows them to push their clients complaints and compare it directly with existing bank records, accelerating the process effectively.

It would be wise to ask a claims management company for a consultation regarding your complaints; most offer free consultation. It would be best to ask them whether your PPI claims are worth chasing for — or better to ask them for their services.

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