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There are two ways to make a PPI claim:

1. Use a PPI claims company

2. Do it yourself

The process is the same either way but the workload, time, effort, hassle and number of phone calls you have to make will vary…

Use a PPI claims company and you’ll need to fill in some forms at the start and provide documents associated with the loan/credit card, then they’ll take care of processing the claim. This includes submitting the complaint, hitting deadlines, responding to the bank, dealing with issues and taking the claim to the FOS if necessary. They will, of course, take a fee – usually around 25% + VAT.

Claim back PPI yourself, and you’re responsible for all of the above, but you won’t pay a fee if you win a payout. Back in 2012 around 75% of claims brought to the FOS were through PPI claims companies, but that figure is dropping as more and more free advice and information becomes available. Many people do claim back their mis sold PPI payments themselves but in order to make a PPI complaint you first need to know if you’ve been paying for PPI.

This is where our infographic comes in, it’ll take you through the process of finding out if you have PPI and show you how to claim PPI back yourself, soak it up…



So that’s how to make a PPI claim yourself – how smoothly it goes depends on the lender, their workload, the competence of their staff and how accurate you are with your form-filling. Remember to put the right address on when you took out the loan, add the joint account-holder if there was one and spell everything correctly – these are common mistakes that we see and banks LOVE mistakes as they’re a great excuse to delay responses and payouts.

If you need help with any of the above or would like to speak to someone about getting started with claiming back you PPI payments:


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