How to Claim Back Mis Sold PPI with the PPI Claims Adviceline

The “biggest banking scandal of all time” is how the PPI claims scandal has been described, and with good reason. So far more than four million people in the UK have claimed back mis sold payment protection insurance fees, and many more are set to do so. If you have taken out a mortgage or loan – or any form of credit agreement – in the last few years you could be in line for a PPI refund, and at PPI Claims Adviceline we have already helped many thousands of people to successfully reclaim PPI charges.

In addition to claiming back your PPI fees we will also try to get you 8% interest on top, this is the interest you would’ve earned had your money been in a savings account. It has never been easier to claim:  all you need to do is fill in the simple online form and we will call you back when it is convenient to you, or you can call us on phone one of our expert advisers will be happy to talk you through your claim.


What PPI Claims Advice Line can do for you…

We understand that not everybody is happy using a claims company, and we are happy to tell you that you can make your claim alone, but we are here to help make things easier for you.

These are good reasons why you should use us:

 Our team of PPI CLAIMS SPECIALISTS is there to make sure your claim is handled professionally and efficiently.

 There are NO UPFRONT FEES for claiming – our job is to help you get back your mis sold PPI fees, and we do not charge in advance.

Our NO WIN NO FEE* deal means that you only pay a fee if you are successful; you pay nothing if your claim is rejected.

 We do not charge any ‘hidden extras’ for handling your claim – WE WILL EVEN PAY THE FEES for any paperwork you may have lost.

 Each customer is allocated a DEDICATED CASE HANDLER whose job it is to keep you informed of progress during your PPI reclaim case, and they are available Monday-Friday, 10am to 7pm.

PPI Claims Advice Line has been claiming back mis sold PPI charges for thousands of customers since the scandal broke and take great pride in offering high levels of customer service.





All about Payment Protection Insurance

One of the problems with making a Payment Protection Insurance claim is that the jargon and terminology can be confusing. This is so with many financial services products, so the following should explain PPI claims in simple terms.

The Beginning of the PPI Scandal

Upon hearing about alleged mis selling of PPI some years ago the Financial Services Authority (FSA) opted to investigate, and duly found that mis-selling was rife. The decision was taken to rewrite the rules surrounding the sale of PPI – the sale of single rate policies is now outlawed – and many lenders were fined heavily. In 2011 a High Court judgement ruled that PPI compensation must be paid to those who were mis-sold PPI policies

PPI Provisions and Fines

Once the High Court had ruled on repayment it became clear that the banks and other lenders would be required to set aside large amounts of money to repay the fees. Currently the collective amount is just over £20billion, with £9.8billion of that coming from the Lloyds Banking Group. If you have been mis sold PPI you have a legal right to make a PPI refund, and whether you choose to do so alone or use professional, expert help is entirely up to you.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive?

The amount you may be awarded depends on the size, type and duration of the credit agreement concerned, and may also be influenced by other factors. Currently the industry average payoutis around £2,750, we’ve had clients win less, more and even over £50,000.

Some people use a PPI Calculator to get an idea of the amount you may be owed, or you can call us on phone and talk to one of our expert advisers about your situation. We are waiting for your call and will be more than happy to talk you through the PPI claims process with no obligation and no pressure to claim.